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Live Webinar: Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Mood Disorders
by Admin User - Friday, 12 September 2014, 9:54 AM

Internationally renowned interpersonal psychotherapy expert Professor Scott Stuart from the University of Iowa (USA) will be presenting a webinar and discuss interpersonal psychotherapy as a treatment option for mood disorders.

To join this webinar, please CLICK HERE to register your details and receive your personalised login link in the email.

If you have problems connecting to the webinar, please call toll free number 1800 105 054 (option 1 and then option 1) for technical support.


Event details

  • When: 26 September 2014 9.00am - 9.30am
  • Where: Online
  • Cost: Free
  • Registration:http://bit.ly/1nHqksc
  • Contact: Richard He
    E richard.he@sydney.edu.au
    T +61 2 9845 7798
  • Speaker/ Performer: Professor Scott Stuart is a psychiatrist and a Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Iowa (USA). He is an internationally acclaimed teacher and workshop leader, and has conducted training courses in IPT and perinatal psychiatry in 30 different countries and across the US.  Prof Stuart has been active in clinical work, education and research in Interpersonal Psychotherapy and perinatal psychiatry for over two decades, and has received a number of research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Dr Stuart completed his medical training at the University of Kansas, followed by internship at the University of Pittsburgh. He has received many teaching awards, including the John Clancy Teacher of the Year Award (Department of Psychiatry of the University of Iowa).  Prof Stuart is the President and co-founder of the International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapists and Director of the Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute. He has also authored a number of articles on IPT, and is the co-author of an internationally acclaimed textbook on Interpersonal Psychotherapy – Interpersonal Psychotherapy: A Clinician’s Guide